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C64 Emulators
Windows Mac Xbox

For Windows
CCS (v3.9) (1.6MB)
The latest Windows build, includes multiplay over the Internet, increased compatability and more resolutions. Be sure to also get the snapshots of the Action Replay cartridges 118K (the ultimate utility cart, version VI is probably the best as version VII doesn`t allow a program frozen on one cart to be refrozen on another). CSS Home Site

Vice (v2.2) 32Bit (6.44MB)
Another excellent C64 emulator, this one also emulators other C= computers such as the C128, Vic-20 etc. For other MS Windows (64 bit etc.) and other computer versions visit the Vice website.

C64 Forever
Easy to use C64 emulation suite. 100+ included games. There's a free edition and a paid for edition with more features. Based on Vice and as Kim Lemon says it's "super-comfy C64 emulation" :)

CCS (v1.09) (429k)
An older version of the ultimate emulator for Windows / MSDOS

For Mac (OS X)
Power64 (v4.9.3) (2801k)
The best C64 emulator for the Mac (OS X). There's a 10 minute session limit until registered.

Vice (v1.22) (12,474KB)
The latest version of Vice for the Apple Mac (OS X - X11 Athena Widgets UI).

For Xbox (Modded obviously!)
Vice 64x (v4) (8445k)
A great C64 emulator for your modified Xbox, even recognises Gamebase64.


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