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Creatures by Thalamus

CoverThis has got to have been the most hyped C64 game of all time with the programming diary of the Rowland brothers in Zzap 64 magazine for months before the game was released. It's a basic horizontal scroller platform but
the graphics are really excellent and the game is very polished. It showed that
C64 could still cut it.

Rating 90% - Get the game here creaturesfile.d64

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Ghostbusters by Activision

CoverAnother very playable game. You start off the game with a loan from the bank which allows you to buy a car, traps and other goodies. The main game involves driving around in your car and trapping ghosts in building which flash red. All the time building up money to repay the bank. A really excellent game Screenshot
and surprising good for a movie licence.

Rating 86% - Get the game here ghostbfile.t64

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Hover Bovver by Llamasoft

CoverThe mad Jeff Minter strikes again. This is a really old game (around 1983) but it's still quite playable. You decide to mow your lawn and "borrow" you mates mower so the game involves trying to mow the lawn while your mate is chasing you, your dog is trying to attack the mower and the Gardener is chasing you Screenshot
(watch out for his flowers!).

Rating 70% - Get the game here hovbovfile.t64

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The Last Ninja by System 3

CoverThis is as good as 3-D got on the C64 and it does it very well. This game is an action adventure with you wandering around collecting weapons and items to use later, while "defending" yourself against attackers. I think I actually completed this game although it took ages. The graphics and playability are top notch. Look out Screenshot
for LN2.

Rating 90% - Get the game here lstninjafilea.d64 and also here lstninjafileb.d64

Click on either image to view full size

Monty on the Run by Gremlin Graphics

CoverProbably one of my most played games of all time. Another platformer with Monty Mole on the run from jail. He's going through screens trying to find gold and also find a way out. The game has simple graphics and simple gameplay but it's a fine example of a classic platformer and the Rob Hubbard tunes have to be heard!Screenshot

Rating88% - Get the game here montyrunfile.t64

Click on either image to view full size

Paperboy by Elite

CoverHey, I remember buying this during a school trip to Chester in England! A great conversion of the coin-op which puts you in the seat of a paperboy who has to deliver his papers while avoiding everything that's out to get him. There's also a ramp park at the end of each level. Good graphics, great game.Screenshot

Rating 77% - Get the game here papboyfile.t64

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Power Drift by Activision

CoverAnd I remember buying this after working my first day in my first part time job! Memories. Anyway this game is one of the best racing games ever on the C64, it's obviously pretty different then the arcade version but it's runs really fast and has good quality graphics wizzing by. The only downside is that it's too Screenshot
easy to play.

Rating 90% - Get the game here pwrdriftfile.t64

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Rainbow Islands by Ocean

CoverOne of Ocean's better games (they were notrious for bad, movie tie-in platform games). It's a fateful representation of the arcade game with nice colourful graphics (well as colourful as you can get with 16 colours!) and fine playability. I didn't play this much myself but a friend thrashed through a fair bit of it. GoodScreenshot

Rating 87% - Get the game here rainislfile.d64

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