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Turbo Outrun by U.S. Gold

CoverThe successer to my favourite arcade game of all time (Outrun). This was also a fine arcade game and I spent many a 20p on it. The C64 version is a fateful conversion with good speed and reasonable graphics although not as good as Powerdrift.The game has an great intro with amazing music from The Maniacs Screenshot
of Noise.

Rating 83% - Get the game here turbooutrun.zip

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Buggy Boy by Elite

CoverWow, I'd forgotten how great this game was, certainly one of the best C64 racers. Although with a difference, apart from a time limit to do each stage, you also had to collect flags and drive through gates to collect extra score and time. You could also drive over logs which would allow you to jump in the air and over gates etc. One ofScreenshot
the few C64 racers with a road that looked like a road, not a mess of coloured bars!

Rating 95% - Get the game here buggyboy.zip

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The Sentinel by Firebird

CoverI actually never played this game when I used my C64 but I knew about it from Zzap! always raving about it and it making all their Top Ten lists etc. It's more like a chess game than a regular action game, it involves taking energy from squares in an attempt to replace The Sentinel with yourself. Thankfully you Screenshot
don't have to rely on my "instructions" as the file comes with them included! Definitely a very original game.

Rating 85% - Get the game here thesentinel.zip

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Spy Hunter by U.S. Gold

CoverThis is an absolute classic overhead racing game. It's got regular racing along with firepower to blow away the other cars, the ability to bump them off the road (and thus explode!) and if you pick up an extra, to kill them by blowing smoke or oil out the back of your car. There's more as well, a section of the game sees your car Screenshot
change into a boat and the road into a river! It still plays pretty well after all these years.

Rating 85% - Get the game here spyhunter.zip

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Tilt by Code Masters

CoverAnother brilliant game from the masters of original budget games, Code Masters. Reconise the character on the cover of the game? It's Roger Frames from Commodore Format who used to review the budget games. The idea of the game is simple, and the game is frustrating but oh so additive! All you have to do is get the ball from the start Screenshot
to the finish point by tilting the table up, down, left or right. Sounds easy? just try it!

Rating 85% - Get the game here tilt.zip

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