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C64 Game of the Season

Welcome to the game of the season page. Every season I'll be adding a new game to this list, for you to look at and download and play. It'll either be a C64 game that I've been playing over the past while or just a great game that I think everybody should see. Yeap, I know this page used to be called game of the week and then game of the month and now game of the season! Hopefully I'll manage to put a new game up every 3 months at least!

Week Starting 4th May 1998 - "Thrust"

Week Starting 11th May 1998 - "Falcon Patrol 2"

Week Starting 18th May 1998 - "Great Giana Sisters"

July 1998 "Wacky Races"

Summer 1999 "Dropzone"

Autumn 1999 "Le Mans"

Winter 2000 "Clowns"

Spring 2000 "Delta"

Summer 2001 "Rick Dangerous"

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