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Game of the Month July 1998

Wacky Races by Hi-Tech

I havn't much to say about this game. I never actually played it on my real C64 but I was loading up random games of my C64 CD and I came across this little game. It's based on that old Cartoon "Wacky Races" were the racing contestants do anything to knock eachother off the road. It's a different style of a racing game alright, with a multi level paltform approach taken but it seems to work. It's a very playable game, for a while at least. See below for game instructions.

Screen Shots

The title screen

Zooming along on the upper level

Going through a small tunnel


Win the race! by fair or foul. I don't have a copy of the orginal instructions so that's about all I can tell you.

Playing the Game

You can control your car by the joystick in port 2 (or equivalent keys on your PC)

UP = Makes the car jump up, very useful for jumping over gaps!
LEFT = Makes the car go in reverse
RIGHT = Makes the car go forward
FIRE = Fires a shot, shot other cars or objects in front of you

Now, get the file here

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