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Game of the Season Spring 2000

Delta Logo
Shpby Stavros Fasoulas / ThalamusShip

I can't believe I haven't put this game up before now. It was one of my favourite games in my latter C64 years, a straightforward action packed horizontal shoot-em-up!! The graphics aren't all that amazing, in fact there almost isn't any background to speak all, everything looks like it was done with sprites, but this game is so fast and action packed you wouldn't have time to admire any pretty boy graphics anyways! The baddies come in waves and should you manage to kill everything in the wave, you could be awarded with a credit, which will allow you to upgrade your ship to blast even faster and more violently. See below for more instructions. Try to play this one on a real C64 if you can, it's a bit of a bugger on keys.

Screen Shots

Title Screen
The title screen.

Game screen

Another game screen

Loaded up with weapons and good to go!

Select which weapons to buy by flying into them.

The high scores
Ha! Beat those highscores


Straight from the cassette inlay :
YET AGAIN Terra a in deadly peril as diplomatic relations with the Hsiffies Khanate disintegrate into tatters. The Hsiffies - nasty yellow, buck-toothed, slimy aliens, who cheat at poker, mistreat their mothers and Jump red lights - are hell-bent on destroying the Terran empire. To combat this insidous alien threat, DAMOCLES has been reformed. As a member of that elite squadron, your mission is to obliterate as much of the Hsiffan attack fleet as possible.

You are advised to enhance your ship’s abilities to an to improve your chances against the Hsiffan threat. Most of the attacking formations yield a credit if they’re completely destroyed, and, depending on how many credits hare been earned, extra weaponry can be bolted onto the ship.

This Armament may be acquired in the ‘weapon collection screens', which are a group of icons that frequently cross your path between alien attacks. Each icon has its price, and the extras you can afford are highlighted in blue, while items out of your price range are in grey. Just fly over the desired icon, and within seconds more death power is at your disposal.

Remember, though, that the weapons are not permanent. After a pre-set time they start to fade away, quite possibly leaving you in a nasty situation.

Attack waves do not always give credit - some may even take them away; so always keep a close eye on the credit counter in the bottom left-hand corner of the scanner.

Playing the Game

You control the ship using straight forward joystick controls and press fire to... fire! in either port. (or equivalent keys on your PC)

RUN / STOP = Pause the game
F1 = Toggles between one and two player game
F5 = Toggle between music and sound effects

Now, get the game Delta.zip (WinZip file)

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