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means the link is off site

Welcome to my Commodore 64 page!!

Contained within these pages you'll find information on and scans of old C64 paper magazines like Zzap! 64, Commodore User, Your Commodore etc.There's also info and scans of some classic C64 games that I've played over the years along with the games themselves to download and bask in the nostalgia, games like Monty on the Run, Bruce Lee, Kikstart II and many more.

There's also access to some of the demos I coded many a year ago on the C64 under the handle of Sub Zero (Taken from the film Running Man, not the Mortal Kombat game!) and a special Game of the Season section where every season (supposedly, it used to be called Game of the Week and then month..) I'll put up a new C64 game that I've been playing over the previous while or maybe just some great C64 game I've remembered about.


23rd February 2017

I have fixed the text for the Tilt game review, it looks like the text copied over was for the previous game and not changed when I was changing the design. I think it's been wrong for about 16 years!!! Games Best of 3 page. The HTML code of these pages makes my eyes bleed! :-o

8th January 2007

I have awoken from my slumber and added full scans of issue 12 and 24 to the Commodore User page.

30th September 2005

It has been over a year since an update but this one is a biggie. GameBox 64 has been launched. It is a collection of scans of the packaging of C64 games even including scans of the tapes etc. Other sites have scans of inlays etc. but they are of variable quality and not large. GameBox 64 hopes to have a large collection of high quality scans of everything that comes with the games. The original idea was by Mort (The Scan King) and many of the initial scans on the site have been submitted by him.

8th July 2004

The complete scans of the second issue of Commodore User have been added to the site. Go to the Commodore User Page to read it.

5th July 2004

I have noticed that the Emulators page is quite popular so I decided to update it with the latest version of C64 emulators for various systems.

12th March 2004

The complete scans of the first issue of Commodore User have been added to the site. Go to the Commodore User Page to read it.

10th June 2001

It's been over a year but there is a new Game of the Season, Rick Dangerous.

8th April 2001

Added a help page for getting started with playing C64 games on your PC, I've been getting the odd email asking me how to do the above, so I thought it was time I outlined it on the site.

27th March 2001

The gamepacks are back for good (hopefully!) on a server which I own so they shouldn't be deleted this time.

I've also made the pages dynamic in that I press a little button on my computer and all the HTML files are created, you won't notice anything different but it means that I'll be able to update and add pages a lot easier, which should hopefully mean that I'll add more contents to the C64 parts of this pages more often.

2nd February 2001

The gamepacks are back! They have also been repackaged to around the size of a floppy so you can transport them easier.

10th January 2001

Fortune City seems to be deleting my files all over the place at the moment, so the gamepacks don't seem to be there anymore! I'm looking into another place to store them, watch this space!
I'd also appreciate you taking a couple of seconds to fill out this survey in relation to site demographics.

2th November 2000

All the 500+ games online are now available in gamepacks of around 70 games each!

8th October 2000

Oohhh, it's gone all curvy! Yeap, I decided it was time to change the design of pages a little and fix them out to look more like the games pages which were redesigned a while ago

12th September 2000

Uploaded another 16 covers to the Commodore Format page. Thanks to Fastie for the scans.

31st July 2000

As you may have noticed by now, I've redesigned the three main game pages, they now load faster and look a lot better (I think) as well. Clicking on an image also brings up a scan of the complete inlay covers of the game.
There is also a discussion forum available for chatting about C64 related things.

20th June 2000

Delta is the game of the season, a great horizontal shoot-em-up!

15th March 2000

Another game of the season, the cartridge classic - "Clowns".

19th January 2000

Unbelievable! There's some new content on this part of my pages. I added another 4 games to Games Best of 3. Also check out the Zzap! Bible on my Zzap! pages for a list of every C64 game reviewed in Zzap! (Issue 1 to 71 online so far).

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