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Above chars from SZ demo 4

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Iain's Emulator Links

Welcome to my all new dynamic links page! Everytime you click on a link, the hits count for that site is incremented. The sites are listed according to topic and then amount of hits they've got. Just because a site has the most hits doesn't mean it's the best! These are all sites that I've visited and they get the Iain seal of approval ;-)

Zzap!64 Links




The Burrow


An insiders view of Zzap from Gordon Houghton, nice to see a page from a professional writer as well!
Classic Videogames Magazines


A collection of info and scans of many old C64 and general game magazines, including Big K, C&VG, Your Commodore etc.


On the same day I find another new Zzap related site. This one concentrates on the game reviews from Zzap! and has many of the reviews from the 1985 and 1986 issues online. Also deals with other C64 mags although there isn't much content for them at the moment. This site has its sights set high, let's hope they succeed!
Zzap - Where are they now?


This site has very recent interviews with many of the writers who worked on Zzap! over the years.
Jamco's Zzap! Covers Page


Interesting, this guy has scanned in over 50% of Zzap's covers, but instead of just dumping them online, he's touched up and airbrushed them! They do look very polished though. Check it out!
Zzap! Back


Another new Zzap! page!. This one covers the classic years of Zzap, from issue 41 to 50 when Gorden, Kati, Paul and Maff ruled the roost. The presentation on this site is really excellent with many high quality scans
Crash - The Online Edition


Not Zzap!, but it's Spectrum sister magazine, this is what I aspire my site to be like (notice where I got some of my design ideas!). Plenty of articles and other bits online from most of the issues.
Lounge Lizard Elite


Another Page about Zzap! 64, the pages contain many interviews and articles scanned in from old issues of Zzap.Unfortunately it isn't updated anymore, but it's still well worth a look.
Planet Sinclair - Crash


Another page all about Crash. Check out the history of Crash, from the pen of Lloyd (issues 1 to 48), where there is numerous references to the birth of Zzap!

C64 Links

Commodore 64 Heaven


The group "Nostalgia"'s homepage. Nicely laid out with a "Diary of a scener" and reviews of newly released demos.
Kim Lemon's C64 Game Site


A great site with over 2000 games, covers and screenshots, plus a lively discussion forum


Lots of games.


One of THE main sources of C64 software.
Magnus C64 games


Over 200 games, seperated in different catagories with screenshots and information.
C64 Game Guide


Contains info and screenshots from many C64 games, there's also info on C64 companies, GFX artists and musicans
Project 64


An archive site dedicated to storing all old C64 documentation such as books and manuals etc.


Wanna buy a HD for your C64, or a couple of Megs of Ram or a 56K modem? Here's the place to go for all kinds of hardware for the C64.
Commodore Wire


A really great page, with regularly updated C64 news, plus lots of info for people starting out with C64 emulation. The site's also full of game cheats and pokes.
The Great Commodore 64 Link page


This page contains lots of links to c64 sites, probably a lot of dead links though because it hasn't been updated in a long time
Nightgem's pages


Amazing is all I can say about the presentation on this page. There are over 20 games with reviews and storylines for each game. There also artwork and SID's and much more! and now there is also the complete "Hack to the Future" articles from Zzap!
Star Commander


One of the best C64 <> PC transfer programs. Connect C64 drives to the PC and all.
Greg and David's C64 Page


More games and information and a FAQ.
Zaw Towers


A good page with history of games and software companies etc. There's also a tip repository for cheats and help on many C64 games.
The Last Ninja Archives


Lots of indepth information on the Last Ninja series of games.


Commodore Computer Sitelist. THE database of links to C64 sites, over 400 listed so far, searchable too
Jez's C64 Pages


Martial arts games tribute page, along with demo reviews and some games. Also get his CD of 1000's of C64 games for £20!
Gamebase Homepage


A frontend for CCS, VICE and Sidplay emulators. Very useful
Commodore Apocalypse


Info on Compunet and the people who used to hang on it, favourite games and an interesting C64 quiz.
Links to C64 pages organised by geograph


Links to C64 pages organised by geography.
Genesis Project


The new site from the Classic C64 group. I remember their demos from the disks that came with Commodore Disk User magazine.
Driven Homepage


This page has a great community spirit, with details of current C64 going ons in programming. Coolhand is like the father of the American C64 community.
Vic 20 Interviews


Okay, so it's not C64 but this page contains interviews with some of the great of Commodore history and peoplewho worked on the Vic and C64.
White Flames Web Space


A couple of things of interest to C64 programmers here, a reference guide online and info on the programs he is working on.
Ian and Mick's Demo Page


The page is actually done by Ian and Mick as well! Their demos are available and some info on their past
The Legacy


Quite an impressive site with information on plenty of games including other formats
Success and the Ruling Company


The homepage of the group, download their work and get the latest info.
C64 Banner Exchange


Display ads for other C64 sites on your site and have your ad displayed on theirs


A page about plans to develope a synthesizer, based on the good old SID

General Emulator Links

Dave's Videogame Classics


The Source for your emulation needs, get the latest news as well.
System 16 HomePage


The Sega arcade machine emulator, new games added all the time!
Atari HQ


Apart from tons of information on all Atari consoles and computers, this site also has some brilliant articles and historical information on Atari and related people/companies

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