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Old News

12th November 1999 Forget Sega Rally and Daytona etc. Check out the new Game of the Season, "Le Mans".
5th November 1999 The page has moved to its own web space at www.zzap.co.uk/c64/ so no more Fortune City adverts all over the place! You've probably noticied by now the new "interactive" links page! Look for more useful CGI stuff over the next few months.
11th August 1999 WOW, 10000 hits! It's taken a while but we've gotten there. Hit 10,000 was on the 11th August 1999 at 00:30:45 CET from IP I've added a couple of new links as well.
30th June 1999 Added the very last cover of Commodore User (CU Amiga) and tidied up the page a bit.
15th June 1999 An update to something not Zzap! for once! Game of the Month is now called Game of the Season and the game for Summer 1999 is Dropzone. In a few months I hope to scan in more non Zzap C64 magazines and get more information on them up here. I've been adding lots to my Zzap pages over the past few months, so make sure you check it out.
9th March 1999 Just totally redesigned my Zzap page and kinda made it a seperate site. Added lots more covers etc. as well. In future any updates to the Zzap page will be mentioned on that page, so you wouldn't see much here anymore unless I update non Zzap stuff.
26th Febuary 1999 There's been a lot of scanning, OCRing and formatting, but ALL the Martin Walker Citadel Diary entries are up! Again, I have to thank Philippe Lesire for scanning issues 46 to the end for me. Also, please visit the "CLEAR - the Campaign to Leave Emulation Alone (plus an 'R')" page. The IDSA has stated its goal is to close down ALL emulation sites, so please, this is important, visit their page to see how you can help to stop this.
9th Febuary 1999 Wow, an update! Well not really, just added a new link to another great Zzap site, Zzap Back and updated a couple of other links. I've started to regain interest in the web site so expect some updates in a while.
30th November 1998 I've added a direct link to NightGem's (Philippe Lesire) Hack to the Future articles on my side menu. Hack to the Future was a series of articles written by Mel Croucher in which he "predicted" the future of computers and the world. Written in a very tongue in cheek manner (just in case you don't notice!). Also thanks must go to Dr. Charles Walkden for scanning some pages from Zzap issues 3 and 4 for me, which means two more editorials.
19th November 1998 First up is that ALL 514 GAMES are now available on another site on FC, they have also all been renamed .zip instead of .prg so if anybody was having problems downloading them, it should all work fine now (netscape thinks .prg files are text, instead of binary). MAKE SURE to rename the files to .prg when you have downloaded them though!

The other big news is that on the 7th of December my company is sending me over to Sweden for 12 months!! It's going to be a great experience but it's probably going to affect updates here a lot. I don't want this page to become another ghost site and there's still a LOT I want to add to the Zzap etc. sections. So before I go I`m going to scan like mad and when I do come home every 6 weeks or so I'll try to do some more, I might even be able to work on it a little in Sweden, we'll see. I'll still be able to check my email all the time, so I won't disappear, keep on E-mailing me for info and comments etc.
11th November 1998 Thanks to Philippe Lesire giving me scans and text from Zzap issues 36 to 40 there is now an increase in content. Four issues worth has been added to Walkers Way, 4 more editorials have also been added and 4 more scans in the main Zzap page.
9th November 1998 Well, it's only taken a year ;-) but I've added a decent amount of links to my links page now.
5th November 1998 The first part of "The Diary of a Game - Martin Walker" has been put up, there's a lot more to come but it'll take time. I've decided to keep all 500 C64 games up by transfering them to another FC site. Expect that in a couple of days.
30th October 1998 2000 Hits, 2000 hits!, the hits are really clocking up now, around 150 a week at the moment. I'm still working on OCRing the Martain Walker Diaries but it is a slow process. I may start to put bits up at a time.
21th October 1998 Wow, a site redesign, no more frames! and lots has been added to the Zzap section, more scans and info and editorials. PLEASE email me if you find anything broken since it's been redesigned.
15th October 1998 At last!! I haven't been able to upload anything to FortuneCity for the past few weeks due to a number of technical problems at their end. I have a lot of things I want to upload and things I want to change so expect a lot of movement over the next couple of weeks, especially in the Zzap!64 pages.
28th September 1998 Okay! I've just bought a scanner so expect lots of things to be added to this page over the next few months. First of all I've put up a Zzap! Rrap page, which was the letters page in Zzap! hosted by Lloyd. I've OCRed a few letters from an issue but over the coming while I'll be OCRing a lot more, including many of Zzap's articles and other information. I also plan to scan every Zzap cover I have and OCR as much as I can. This will all take space and since I've run out of it on FortuneCity I'm probably going to start deleting those 500 games that I just put up. You can get C64 games all over the place on the Net, but stuff to do with Zzap etc. is very rare so the original stuff gets the priority. Of course games mentioned in articles or reviews will be stored, just not the whole 500. So download all that you want before they disappear!!
17th September 1998 At last!! The 500+ games are available to download here. A very small number of them aren't downloadable at the moment due to illegal characters in their filenames (as far as Fortune City is concerned anyway) so I have to rename them and change the list. I also haven't uploaded games from t-z yet, they should get here in the next day or so.
16th September 1998 Well, it's been a while since I've updated this page, I was on holidays in America for the past 3 weeks and I've just started my first real job as well. All the games are nearly updated so I just have to start designing the pages to access them.
11th August 1998 Wow, this page has now gotten over 1000 hits!! It's taken a while but we've got there, I'm averaging about 50 per week at the moment which isn't too bad at all. The C64 games are currently being uploaded in ../games/, no list yet, try to guess the filenames if ya really want to!
5th August 1998 I've added a new emulators page with the latest version of CCS online, Fortune City also now gives 20MB of space so I'm going to upload those 500 games direct to here over the next while.
5th July 1998 Well, it's been a while since an update, I'm sorry about the delay of the 500+ games but I'm still waiting for them to be transfered to the server. Anyway, I've added a whole new page, called "Sub Zero's Old Demos", there's screenshots and text relating to other bits and pieces of stuff I coded but never really finished from 1990 up to 1995.
14th June 1998 Wow, my site has at last been added to a couple of search engines and my hits per day have suddenly shot up, cool! Well, I haven't added anything much new apart from a few more links on my links page and I've been lazy about the game of the week. But, I'll very soon be adding over 500!! C64 single load games to the site as soon as I copy them to a friends server. Anyway, since there are now lots more people viewing this page, please at least ONE of you sign my guestbook or use the Quick 'n Easy feedback form below!!!
22th May 1998 I've revamped the menu on the left for scanning through the site by giving it a more "C64" feel to it by means of using a character set that I created years ago for my Sub Zero Demo part 4. I'm also in the process of updating the links page by adding a lot of C64 and general emulator links, that should be done in a few more days.
18th May 1998 The C64 pages have moved to FortuneCity which means there's no annoying extra browser window that was opened on Tripod! Now that I've got a more or less permanent, I've added the page to a couple of search engines so hopefully it'll be getting a lot more hits.
16th May 1998 I've added the all new "Quick 'n Easy" feedback form! So now you don't even have to go to the hassle of writing a full message to give me feedback
11th May 1998 Another game of the week added, this time it's Falcon Patrol 2
4th May 1998 A new page has been added! The "C64 game of the Week" page, every week a new game will be put here. It'll either be a C64 game I've been playing over the week or just some C64 classic I've remembered existed.
1st May 1998 What happened?! Well the college closed me down, and everybody else it seems. The server that my page was located on doesn't accept http requests anymore.So I had to find a new home for my webpage and here it is on Tripod! A nice free 5 MB worth, sorry about that very annoying extra brower window opening up BTW.

Please excuse the state of the pages at the moment because I'm still in the process of transfering over all the files and the links to my travel photos probably won't work because I haven't enough space for all of them.

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