The Fantasy Art of Oliver Frey Book

Oliver Frey Book Cover Oliver Frey is one of the most important artists working in the medium of commercial illustration. This lavish book documents his work between 1970 and today. The prime focus is on his staggering output in the 1980s and early 1990s when, as a director of magazine publisher Newsfield Ltd., he produced hundreds of magazine covers, software games inlays and incidental illustrations that set the video games market alight internationally.

Frey’s early history reveals his work on some of Britain’s greatest comic institutions such as the Fleetway War Picture Library, Dan Dare in Eagle, and The Trigan Empire in Look & Learn, as well as his celebrated 1930s-style opening sequence for the film Superman, The Movie. The book also throws light on Frey’s techniques, from line-and-wash to the airbrush, and more recently his computer-generated work.

While the paintings will be familiar to many magazine readers, few will have ever seen the originals as beautifully reproduced as this, and free of the commercial sales lines and slogans that cluttered them as magazine covers and posters.

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