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Welcome to one of my favourite parts of Zzap!, the editorials. They always gave you an insight into the going ons of the magazine and the C64 software industry in general.

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Editorial from Issue 81


At last I have the power! Ooooh yes! This is life, putting my feet up, eating countless cheese baps and watching Star Trek. Erm, no way! Look what it did to Stu. Yes, he was rushed into Ludlow hospital's geriatric ward with severe stomach pains. In this vulnerable state he succumbed to Sega games, edited our sister mag Sega Force before defecting (tut tut!) to Sega Pro.

So now I'm in charge of ZZAP!, telling Staff Writers Ian Osborne, Lloyd Mangram and Corky Caswell what to do (and where to go!). Sadly Sega Force swiped the delectable Claire Morley - while ZZAP! got the not-so-delectable Corky! But, as in this ish, you'll probably still see the odd contribution from Claire and the other Sega Forcers.

So how will all this affect ZZAP!? Well, not a lot. I hope to maintain the same high editorial standards as before with accurate, informative reviews, the latest news and previews, all your fave regulars, plus some new features.

One of these is a regular public domain column (starting this ish!) - as requested by many readers. I've got quite a few other fascinating projects (and hankies) up my sleeve for future months - you'll have to wait and see!


After compiling the ZZAP! tips and arcade round-ups for the last few months, Mark 'Corky' Caswell has finally officially joined the ZZAP! fold and left CRASH - which he's worked on for an incredible four-and-a-half years! If you don't know him well enough by now, here's his profile...


Known as Corky to his friends (and sir to anyone under 5' 5" tall), Mark is 27 years old (the OAP of the ZZAP! office) and hails from Slough (an obscure town in the south with possibly the worst footy team around). He is totally bonkers and enjoys bopping around the office to James Brown, picking fights with innocent filing cabinets and drinking enough coffee to float a battleship. He thinks his reviewer's head with the green face (that's what our coffee does to you) and bolt through the neck is far too flattering, and should be changed to reflect his true self (if that happened ZZAP! would be banned from the shelves - Ed.).

His major aim in life is to go on a blind date with CRASH Ed, Lucy Hickman (good God, that'd be more like a blindfolded date! - Ed) or failing that, Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation). Mainly because they both wear short skirts and have big... erm, eyes.

His hobbies include taking the pee out of people, collecting comics (especially Star Trek, Deathlock, She-Hulk and Deathshead) and listening to most music. Favourites include Kraftwerk, Camouflage, The Doobie Brothers, Gary Numan (with and without Tubeway Army), Bauhaus and Queen. He is also famed (and cursed) around the office for wearing eye-warping shirts. His fave C64 games include Dropzone, Smash TV, Hudson Hawk and Speedball 2.
Phil King


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