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Deep in an area of uncharted space lies a strange alien region known only as 'Delta'. Several ships belonging to the Terran Merchant Fleet have gone missing while flying through this mysterious area, and it has been rumoured that the Hsiffan Khanate, dreaded opponents of Terra, are operating from within its confines. The powers that be have decided to send a fighter pilot to investigate, and, bored with your current position, you decide to voluteer.

Dropped off within range of Delta, your objective is to progress as far as possible thorugh the region and erradicate the Hsiffite menace.

Following an initial onslaught of alien ships, individually named sections of the region are encountered. These include particular hazards, which appear at the top and bottom of the screen and correspond to an area's name - for example, in the 'Rocks of Death' section, suitably desolate rock formations scroll past. In all cases, contact with the landscape destroys your ship.

Learning and memorising the alien formations is necessary to ensure progress, and complete destruction of attack waves earns credits. These are used to accumulate additional equipment, increasing the ship's firepower, speed and shields.

Seven icons periodically make their way across the screen, some grey, some blue - depending on how many credits you have amassed. Colliding with a blue icon adds the item in question to your ship and the icon reverts to a grey colour - hitting a grey icon results in the loss of a life. The added equipment has a limited useful life, so further additions are necessary as you progress.

Battle your way through thirty-two levels, and Delta is once more safe from the alien threat. But the Hsiffites don't give up that easy, and return a decade later. Once again it's up to you, now an older and more experienced pilot, to deal with the alien attack force. You're not the only one to have gained experience though - the enemy have also had time to improve their fighting skills and are now a more formidable opponent ...

This review was typed in/OCRed by Jianso

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womblingfree - 24 Aug 2007
This is one of the best games on the C64. Full Stop. I though the review was a joke at the time and I seem to remember Julian Rignall saying not to listen to the othere two and give it a go. Glad I did! Excellent presentation, incredible music,and hauntingly addictive gameplay. The reviewers complaining about flying in a straight line and shooting pattern enemies were missing the point entirely. Easily up there with Iridis Alpha and Wizball.

Rating : 97%
jrsenior - 30 Dec 2004
The last game I played on the c-64, and one of the best. Looking at the screenshot it`s hard to believe the graphics blew me away but they did, perfect music, great gameplay ( all scrollers should be about learning patterns) Never got through the "fire level" though (those flames are the best piece of graphics seen on c-64 imho).

Rating : 99%
Pondy - 24 Sep 2004
One of my all-time favourites. Learning the attack patterns is what the game is all about. Yeah, there were problems (particularly with the insane difficulty increase) but there are few games that have the atmoshpere and uniqueness of Delta. I think Thalamus were the masters of the shoot em up!

Rating : 90%
Rick - 10 Jul 2004
Side scrolling shooters were just too abundant on the old 64, and even back then I feel players were getting jaded. This is one of the better ones, but it came too late to make an impact.

Rating : 65%
PaulEMoz - 17 May 2004
Delta is one of the best tech demos on the C64. Unfortunately, it's a little lacking as a game. There are some good ideas, but it suffers from "on