C64 Review of Thrust II from Issue 39

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In the evil empire of the Cories, all form of music is despised. Being a music lover, the player decides to invade their solar system and create harmony where discord now reigns.

The objective is achieved by collecting musical components, stored in protective orbs deep within the three home planets of Stick, Aching and Walkman. By towing the orbs to the surface and depositing them in the designated area, a machine is gradually constructed which, when complete, proves fatal to the Cories.

Control of the craft is achieved with joystick or keys. Contact with the eight-way scrolling landscape or aliens isn't fatal, but it loses one or more shields depending on the force of the collision. Should all 199 shields be lost, the game ends.

This review was typed in/OCRed by Iain

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iqcumber - 25 Nov 2005
thust 2 wasn't much, but the original thrust is still one of the greatest games of all time! in my view it is a perfect game. the atmosphere is incredible for such simplistic graphics, and the physics and control are so convincing and sharp. you can even do tricks, like spin the pod around your ship. very hard, requiring much practice, but absolutely brilliant. there have been countless atempts at updating and improving it, but the original thrust has never ever been beaten. stands the test of time, neilb doesn't have a clue.

Rating : 98%
alessio - 5 May 2005
Geez way to ruin an original concept! Thrust was an excellent game in its day and hasnt aged too badly but the sequal is awful! not so much from the graphic or sound the game is just not there. A bad rehash of a great game.

Rating : 21%
neilb - 17 May 2004
Even worse than the dire original.

Rating : 15%
Julian Rignall
As a hardened Thrust veteran, I was interested to see how its sequel would turn out, and I'm sad to say that what Firebird have produced is something of a disappointment. The original game's strength lay in its overall simplicity and its tortuous test of reactions against realistic physical forces both desirable qualities which have been kept to a lesser extent in Thrust II. The more solid graphics are one improvement the game has over its predecessor, and the title sequence is very pretty, but I'd have my doubts whether the game has the lasting appeal of the original budget classic.
Gordon Houghton
The title screen makes you think you're in for something special; unfortunately the gameplay fails to meet the promise. The graphics vary from gaudy jerkily scrolling backdrops to some well animated and conceived sprites; the sound, however, is well above average, a Heavy Metal soundtrack playing throughout. Unfortunately, the gameplay is very disappointing: the appeal has been lost because of the tweaked (and thus ruined) inertial control method and the ability to hit landscapes without being immediately killed: there's greater freedom of movement, but not as much fun or skill involved. Thrust II is is quite good, but not half as good as the original.
Gorgeous title screen and clear screen display marred by inadequate instructions.

Vary from gaudily coloured backdrops to some neatly animated sprites; generally good.

A lengthy Heavy Metal soundtrack plays throughout.

The repetitive gameplay is only rescued by the depth and mild appeal of the task confronted.

The thin scenario and lack of real action soon repel lasting interest.

A reasonable and occasionally flawed game, but a very poor sequel.