C64 Review of Pro Golf from Issue 39

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Atlantis' Pro Golf affords its player the opportunity of swinging clubs around Sunningdale or Pebble Beach.

The courses are displayed in the top two-thirds of the screen and are viewed from overhead, showing bunkers, trees, rough and the fairway; the player's position is indicated by a flashing point. Information is revealed on-screen about the hole, the club selected, shot direction, and the wind and ground conditions, altered according to skill.

A course is practised or a championship played by one to four players. Normal golf rules apply: shots are played by selecting the type of club, strength of shot and its direction, and then by timing the stroke with the space bar.

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zzap oz - 3 Aug 2005
golf was never that interesting, especially on a commodore 64!

Rating : 12%
Gordon Houghton
Why produce yet another golfing simulation when so many better ones are currently available? For just another couple of pounds you can buy four of Leaderboard's Famous Courses (twice as many as this) and have a more enjoyable, lasting package. The first person perspective view is more appealing than the overhead viewpoint's distance from the action, and the lengthy shot selection method is too tiresome to hold much interest for long. The graphics are merely functional and the sound does nothing but annoy as it squeals and whines in the background. You can change all the game's parameters, but it really isn't worth it when the action is as dull as this.
Julian Rignall
In most sports games you play either through a participant's or a spectator's point of view, so why give a satellite view of a golf course in a golf game? ft just doesn't give any real feeling of being there. And when was the last time you saw Sevvy Ballesteros get his protractor and calculator out on the fairway? He would certainly need it for this, to cope with the percentage differences due to wind, directional allowance and percentage random variations. If you're desperate for a golf game, get one of the Leaderboard series, all of which are far more enjoyable than this.
The ability to alter most of the game's parameters doesn't improve the boredom of playing a shot.

Gaudy and indistinct backdrops and sprites, with little variety in either.

Some screeches complemented by whining sound effects.

The awkward control method only aggravates the tedium of the gameplay.

If you've got any of the Leader board series, you won't want to play this too much.

An overpriced and uninteresting budget golf simulation.