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A long time ago in an eastern country far, far away, a young prince seeks to inherit his fathers' throne. To prove his worthiness for his title, he must pass a series of tests. For each test passed, he will be given a lamp. Three lamps awarded and the kingdom is his reward.

That's the scenario for what is basically a very simple two-stage game. Stage one consists of a 3D flying sequence. The prince is seated on a magic carpet and you must steer him through a series of sparkling gates. At first this is very easy, but at higher levels (there are 41 altogether) the course develops some very difficult twists and turns.

Once the magic carpet sequence has been successfully completed, you are presented with seven coloured gongs along the bottom of the screen. Hit one of these three times to call up a genie. He will puff on his pipe and several notes will appear and sound -- the number varies from two on the first level up to a virtually impossible 12.

When all the notes have rung, they start to advance towards you. Rush around hitting the correct gongs to destroy the notes before they touch you. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with a section of one of the three lamps, and you can then embark on another flight on the magic carpet. JR.

Dig that funky beat!

Activision have set new standards in soundtrack music. Master of the Lamps has seven superb tunes, and each tune has several variations as you fly on your magic carpet.

The tunes, specially written by Activision, incorporate a large variety of different instruments and rhythms, giving the flying sequences great atmosphere.

The sound of the gongs as you hit them is also excellent, the reverberations dying away to a humming echo.

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CraigGrannell - 20 Apr 2005
This is one of those games that you feel would have made a great little budget game. However, at full price there's simply not enough substance to it. Ratings-wise, most of them still stand, but lastability should drop. Overall, good for a couple of hours, but it wears thin far too quickly.

Rating : 50%
Rick - 10 Jul 2004
One of my first C64 gaming experiences too funnily enough, so likewise PaulEMoz, I have a soft spot for it too. it blew me away back then, and I still like a little skit through the diamonds now and then.

Rating : 70%
PaulEMoz - 17 May 2004
This was the first C64 game I ever saw (and heard), and consequently I've got a bit of a soft spot for it. It's very simple, but the illusion of flight is very convincing and you really do tilt yourself in an effort to make it through the later levels! Sadly there's not enough to it to make it a classic, but there's a few hours of fun to be had.

Rating : 64%
biggestjim - 5 Mar 2004
Still a very nice different little game.

Rating : 75%
Dave - 28 Feb 2004
The way this game can make you throw yourself around when you are playing up close and in the dark is great. I loved it then and I love it now. Even after I have given up the smokin'!

Rating : 75%
Bob Wade
I enjoyed this combination of arcade and fast moving strategy, with its many variations and levels of difficulty. The fact that there are only two screens is a shame, but they are still a big challenge. The graphics and sound are marvellous with a great feeling of movement in the first stage and lots of different tunes to add to the reverberation of the gongs.
Julian Rignall
Overall this is a very simple game with only two screens, and 10.99 is far too high a price to pay for some great tunes and little variation in gameplay. Although it gets increasingly difficult to fly your way through the twisting gates and remembering which gong to hit next, this game boils down to a 'Simon' game with an interlude.
Gary Penn
Activision seem to be going all out for outstanding music nowadays, but unfortunately this game doesn't seem to match that quality. The 3D flying sequence was the better part of the game, but after riding the magic carpet for a while, it soon wore thin.
Activision's usual slick package with plenty of options.

Simon plus 3D Tunnel in new format.

Nice flying carpet 3D sequence but not much else.

Very playable carpet flight.

Wonderful variety of original catchy tunes.

Plenty of levels, but not much variety.

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