Donate to Get the Backup

Hi all,

As you probably know the Zzap Rrap was hacked a couple of days ago and all messages and topics were deleted. If you don't know what I am talking about read up about it in the very much slimmer forum.

I did do a backup of the board back in March 2004 and at first this file appeared corrupted but on closer inspection, it appears to be intact. Of course if I managed to get that backup reinstalled we are still missing a lot of messages from 28th March 2004 to 9th Decemeber 2004.

More recent backups may be available from my web site service provider, eg hopefully the complete phpBB database from a few days ago. The only problem with this is that they charge 120 to preform the service. If they can't find a recent backup of the database then thankfully, there will be no charge.

Since I am a student again and haven't had a job for months anyway, I am unfortunately not in a position to pay the whole amount. I have been pleasantly suprised by the way the Zzap community has rallied around and many have offered to make a donation to get the most recent backups.

If we do not get enough donations to cover the cost OR the database can not be restored than all donations WILL be refunded.

Thank you all again for the kind support, it really does bring a warm feeling to my heart!
Iain Black
Webmaster of The Def Guide to Zzap!64

Click the donate button below to donate any amount you feel fit (British Pounds), bearing in mind that Paypal takes 30p and approx 3% of it (so donations should be 1+)

If you wish to have your name added to the hall of fame below, please enter your name in the note field (if available, otherwise email me after you donate.

Original Amount Needed 120

People who have donated

Timo 10
W2S Internet Services

Mr. ZzapBack 20

George Elliott 10

Garry Barrett 20

Julian Gosland 5

Mort 10

TNT/bf 10

Professor Brian Strain 5

Craig Grannell 5

Anonymous 25 (to be confirmed)

Amount still needed 0!!!

The backup order has been put in, check out the forum for progress updates!