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Zzap Zzuperstore T-Shirt Girl
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Author:  NOVALOAD [ Sun Sep 28, 2003 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Zzap Zzuperstore T-Shirt Girl

Who was she? Remember? The girl that wore the white Zzap64 logo shirt in the Zzuperstore?
I remember thinking she was gorgeous. Hey I was only a kid! :lol:

Was she part of the Zzap staff or was she dragged off some random street in Ludlow for a photo shoot?

Author:  CraigGrannell [ Sun Sep 28, 2003 4:06 pm ]
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IIRC, one of them was Rignall's (now ex-) wife.

Author:  NOVALOAD [ Sun Sep 28, 2003 4:50 pm ]
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I remember hearing/reading something to that effect years ago, but I wasnt sure.

Is this who you mean?

Author:  CraigGrannell [ Sun Sep 28, 2003 6:13 pm ]
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Ah, no. There was another t-shirt wearer, who was Glenys (her of the many teddy bears).

Author:  Mayhem [ Sun Sep 28, 2003 9:38 pm ]
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Who also handled some of the mail work and dealt with the competitions etc...

Author:  NOVALOAD [ Sun Sep 28, 2003 10:25 pm ]
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Ah right. Not to worry. I suppose someone out there will know.
Surely Gordo does?

Author:  seanbags [ Mon Sep 29, 2003 5:46 am ]
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oh please!

I love women but dont have one at the moment and the last thing i need at the moment is a reminder..

Tis one of the reasons i dont go to lemon>>>That T-shirt girl is TOO joy
I have enough distractions as is at the moment!

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