Excuse me, I don't have time to post anything, because...

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Lloyd Mangram
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Excuse me, I don't have time to post anything, because...

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I play three Zelda's. (not at the same time, mind)

*LttP on my DSlite. (freely roaming the Dark World now, tadaa! After 10 years again)
*WindWaker on my GC (busy finishing it for the third time now - sidequesting at the mo')
*Twilight Princess on my GC as well. (severe disc swopping between this and WindWaker)

I stopped playing Ocarina of Time (got the GC version) that was really a bit too much information at the same time.

I must say that I'm a bit frustrated with the Twilight Princess at the mo'.
Already completely stuck in the first dungeon, and those apes! Nyaagh!
Btw, apes!? Why!?
I also hate the take-my-hand kind of gaming, and changing into that Wolfsuit. (whoever came up with this idea? Surely not Myamoto!?) And I already know I will agian, after leaving this dungeon, if I ever get out, that is. I cannot stand the idea of going back to bark-mode again. Grrrr, oh noes!

Actually, all I want is an all new Zelda WindWaker stylee!
Waaaah! (Cries eyes out)

Mental support welcome!
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Post by gordon »


I hope you enjoy TP. After finishing it last month I was just a little underwhelmed. It was Zelda, and brilliant because of that, but... I felt like I'd seen it all before and didn't want to go through it again. It was a bit too easy, even for me.

Wind Waker and LttP, on the other hand, have something special that Twilight Princess couldn't quite match. (I don't mean to put you off TP, however - it's a lovely game, with some great dungeons and great story moments, and I really enjoyed it while it lasted.)
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Professor Brian Strain
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Rob, Phantom Hourglass on the DS will be right up your street then - Wind-Waker style graphics and stylus controlled... that's if Nintendo ever get round to releasing it...
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