Merry Christmas Ramblings from Mort

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Merry Christmas Ramblings from Mort

Post by Mort »

Hi Guys,
Just thought I would wish everyone a Merry Christmas this year, remembering the Christmas of 1984 when I went into Boots and picked up my mispriced C64 £199 instead of £250, someone had put them on the wrong promotion! had £100 of my paperound money on me and my dad had his chequebook :)

Then played Percy the Potty Pidgeon and Pitstop 1 with my brother over the Christmas period :D (had to use the old vic20 tape player as had not learnt how to reallign the tape players back then)

Be nice to hear of any other Commodore Christmas memories :P
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andy vaisey
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Post by andy vaisey »

Merry Christmas from me too!

My birthday is on Christmas Day, I therefore had a combined birthday/Xmas present in 1984. First game loaded was Crazy Balloon, followed by Arcadia64. Played using a Boss joystick (bought by my Grandparents).
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Post by gordon »

Happy Christmas to the both of you, and everyone else who posts in this thread. :-)

1986 for me. A 21st-birthday present from my parents... The Prince, Dragon's Lair (on tape!) and Thrust are the ones I remember beginning with. And buying ZZAP! and reading about The Sentinel, too. I looked for The Sentinel every day for over a month after that, and when I finally got hold of it (in an obscure indie games shop in Banbury) it was the best game I'd ever played.

Happy days. :-)
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Professor Brian Strain
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Post by Professor Brian Strain »

My main Christmas memories of the C64 are spending my Christmas money on new games in Boots or WH Smiths, and getting a new C64 and disk drive bundle in 1993...
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Post by PaulEMoz »

Christmas 1985 for me... I got Fight Night from my aunty, and I also had Booty (yuck) and BMX Trials (double yuck!). Didn't matter that those two were rubbish, I still played with it all day (of course, there was other free software in the box to mess around with).

Such a great day...
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Sixteen Plus
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Post by Sixteen Plus »

I think it may have been spring 88 I got my C64 out of a home shopping catalogue.

I recieved the wrong package though. It was a C64C which came with really old 1983 cartridges. Lazarian being actually the best title. Also some Depth Charge game which required paddles that didn't come included, and an educational cartridge of the solar system, all by Commodore. A weird package :(

What I recall, is that the catalogue let me off from paying the rest of it, so I only paid about £20 in total so was a good deal in the end. But the day I recieved it, I immediately went to my local software shop and bought Kikstart II 8-)
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Post by Fiery Phoenix »

Remember getting Frankie Goes To Hollywood for Xmas and thinking that the game would not load up.

Always froze on the loading screen - only after several attempts did I press the fire button on that 'crashed loading screen' to see the game begin!
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