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storage tips

Post by mikem »

Hi,I have just boxed my entire collection of retro games/machines etc and placed in the attic.Is this the best place,will the hot and cold weather affect the tape based software.Will it survive.....Any tips and suggestions appreciated.Many thanks,Mike : )
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I seem to recall reading somewhere that tapes dont survive that long - hope this is not true!

I remember a tip was to make sure you always re-wound a tape fully after use - whether that helped or not I do not know - may do as the tape part with the info on would not be exposed
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Yes, rewinding is a good idea, also reduces the amount the tape is stretched.

If you're putting electronic stuff in a loft, it's a good idea to double bag it, i.e. put it in a black bin bag, and then put that bag inside another bag. Reduces the changes of dust/mould getting in.
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Post by Bazza »

Don't worry.. You'll never look at them again, so it won't matter ;)
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Post by Nightfaery »

Considering we've always stored then used then stored our games, I can give good advice.

*Make sure your loft isn't damp. Our previous house's roof was crap so we had a lot of dust and damp. Not good for the Master System or Amiga either. If so, keep it somewhere else or like doodah said use double bags.
*Keep tape wound to the end. It also stops the information from being buggered.
*Keep copies of favourites. Despite what Microshaft thinks in all it's paranoid idiocy, C64 encouraged people to copy games so if the copy got buggered it wasn't a problem because the original was safe. I'm sure you can get still a double tape deck for cheap.
*When playing C64 for first time, stuff a cart in the back and play that first. I always found that got it warmed up best. It always had to be Shadow of the Beast.
*When playing tape first time or if it's dodgy, wind forwards then backwards to warm it up. Saves it from being munched.

May I ask, why is it in the loft? Because of the size of it we brought it down on holidays, and it was very distracting. lol *^_^* lml
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