Issue One for sale on eBay

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Advice please

Post by PaulW »

I have issues from 4 to 56 that I wish to dispose of and would appreciate advice from group members as to the best means of disposal. They are in good condition (mainly in four binders). Many thanks for any help and advice.
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One word: eBay. Oh, and one additional sentence: take some decent photos and add them to the auction page, so people can see the quality of the mags. Judging by current prices, you can expect around £100–£250 for your collection on eBay, and I'd put a reserve of about £75 on it, to be on the safe side.
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Post by Dropzone »

Hi Guys.

Great Site. Brings back memories.

Anyway. I have Issue One for sale on Ebay.
If anybody here fancies bidding for it and wins I'll knock a quid off the total cost.

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