Someone found one of my long lost C64 ZZap pictures...

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Someone found one of my long lost C64 ZZap pictures...

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... and I didn't remember it even existed!

I've already posted about this on the Lemon 64 forums, so apologies if you've already seen this.

I must have been a really big ZZap! 64 fan way back in the mid-eighties, because I drew not one, but two tribute pictures. The first was published and was subsequently lost, the second I'd completely forgotten about and was lost along with the other picture, until a couple of days ago.

A C64 enthusiast from Sweden under the alias of 'Sailor Of Triad' emailed me saying he'd found my lost ZZap picture. I was very excited, but then when I took a look at it I saw it wasn't my original picture that I'd lost.

I emailed him back to say it wasn't mine, but then he insisted I take another look. Then I realised that he was right and I was wrong. Embarassed

He'd found a picture I'd drawn, but totally, utterly forgot about until he sent it to me in a D64 file.

So here it is, after 19 years... The ZZap! 64 Crew tribute picture:
The ZZap! 64 Crew tribute picture
The ZZap! 64 Crew tribute picture
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Apparently he found it on a disk of Compunet demos, so I probably uploaded it to compunet at some point, which is why it's re-surfaced after all these years.

Another good reason to be thankful for the Internet and the legion of C64 enthusiasts out there. :mrgreen:
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*Very* nice! :D
Btw, I e-mailed you, looking forward to your reply.
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