A Public Thank You

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A Public Thank You

Post by kafiend »

Hi all,

Ordered the ZZap! DVD a few days ago.

Came today. Was handwritten on the envelope, gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and reminded me of my days trading adventure tips and games by post. Nice to see personal stuff rather than printed out labels - next time write me an effusive hand written note tho :P

Ummm, anyway nostalgia aside.......

I wanted to say publicly - Thank You. For providing a service for us retro-heads and for being so efficient. If you haven't ordered it yet go for it!

I just had a quick peek at the DVD and its damn fine.

Thanks again...

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Post by Mort »

Cheers Simon,
Glad you are enjoying the dvd, it give me a nice warm fuzzy feeling that peolple really enjoy them. Plus it save grief with wives ,girlfriends etc as it take up a lot less room than the real set and can be sneaked into the pc dvd collection :wink:
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Post by Sixteen Plus »

mort and Iain let me have all the c64 magazine bundles inc commodore zone for a very generous offer and delivery was first class... thankz guyz.

nice dvd cover artworks... it don't really matter about the dvd not having a label as the contents on it is really the most important thing and where else can you get hold of a copy of something like this?... i'm still mainly reading zzap and i guess it'll take me a year or so to completely read through all the issues along with all the other dvd-mags lol.

so yeah buy it if you've been itching to... not only are you getting it out of your system plus helping support the guyz who works hard bringing us zzap online... it will also help keep the c64 scene alive and kicking longer still... plus you're getting 'every' memorable issue inc the new issue 107 and all covertapes, plus other bits... can't be bad.
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