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Hi There,

Due to the Retro Gamer Zappback i found your site, actualy went out of the way to a WHSmiths to grab the retrogamer for the freebie, as i was curious about it...used to get Zzap avidly when i was a kid(31 now). Anyway, i think i still have my collection from those days in boxes somewhere - I recall in various chuck outs keeping Zzap (for the cheats at the very least + Awesom art) & Miniworld (invaluable advise if you ever had a mini). Not complete, but i know i have boxes of stuff, tapes magz and even most of my C64 stuff (inc discdrive, but alas the C64 died).

Anyway the long and short of it, is there anything you guys are missing for this site etc as i could have a dig around.

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Welcome Lee - From another Lee! :wink:
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Hi Lee, welcome to the forum.

I see you're not far away from me - I'm in Cambridge.
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