Batman Returns Diaries and Murder!...

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Batman Returns Diaries and Murder!...

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This is mainly a question towards anyone who worked on Zzap around the time of these two games... or if anyone knows! :)

Batman Returns and Murder! on the C64

With Batman Returns, the diaries started late and by the 3rd installment, the guy just talks about his holiday rather than the game. Does anyone from C-Force know much about the development of this game and what happened?... Did anyone get to see the game in action and give any comments on what it was like?

Also, RE: Murder! (by US Gold). Zzap (and CFormat) reviewed it as a complete game. Indeed it was complete as confirmed by the author... but US Gold strangely never released it. Did any member of staff from Zzap hear anything to why US Gold put a stop to the C64 version for no apparent reason? Duplication a single load game wouldn't have been a problem I would have thought....
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