Zzap Collection with 6x Binders.... now on eBay

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Zzap Collection with 6x Binders.... now on eBay

Post by Wizball 87 »

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Zzap-64-magazine- ... dZViewItem

Looks like it's been altered & relisted. Anyone willing to guess what it'll eventually go for.........?
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Post by CraigGrannell »

Hmm... Probably about £300, judging by recent auctions. Mind you, that postage seems really steep.
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Post by Iain »

It's a bit OTT alright, but he does say he'll revise it after the end of the auction.

He's charging for Paypal fees though, very naughty! and against eBay's rules.

His eBay ID seems familar as well (and I don't just mean as in from BTTF)... :?
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Post by LeeT »

Mentions he is near the Midlands - Robin Hogg has that as his location here? :?
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Post by Lloyd Mangram »

If you want to know more about the contents of these magazines, may I highly recommend the site www.zzap64.co.uk (Hello to Rob & everyone there!!). These guys are legends, thanks for keeping the dream alive :-)
??He seems to 'know' me/us?
His former nick's were ant_england, so a ''Anthony" from Wolverhampton
I guess. Mmm?

Btw, he nicked the Zzap! logo from my site! :shock:
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