Ludlow gets Radio 4 mention on Saturday

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Ian Osborne
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Ludlow gets Radio 4 mention on Saturday

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BBC's Radio Four Website wrote:Looking for Middle England - Castles
Saturday 1 July 2006 10:30-11:00 (Radio 4 FM)

Ian Hislop casts a wary eye over the historical, social and moral landscape of that oft quoted but rarely defined part of our society, Middle England.

Last year alone, 746 references were made to Middle England in the British press. We all seem to know what sends it 'up in arms' and politicians are regularly accused of 'pandering to it', but just what is Middle England?

One of the main observations about Middle England is that it is exclusive, defensive and resistant to change, so Ian arrives in Ludlow to test cliché against reality.

Contributors include Jeremy Paxman and Polly Toynbee.
No doubt there will be an interview with Graeme Kidd too...
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Post by CraigGrannell »

I've only bee to Ludlow once, to meet Roger, Oli and Franco, but it seemed like a nice enough place to me. I don't know about "exclusive, defensive and resistant to change"—it just seemed like any other small town in the area, to some extent.
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Post by vectrex »

Ludlow... Just been on the AA route planner and found out I only live 36 miles away! I've never been there... is it worth going... i guess I could pretend I'm going to take the kids to the castle... but I'll be on the look out for some other towers!!! Or pehaps its better to let my childhood visions of the place live on and not get shattered by reality!
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Post by Iain »

It's a lovely small town. Not much to see regarding Zzap / Newsfield (read about my trip many a year ago - but you can at least stand outside the old offices.

Roger and Oli still live in the town so you might bump into them while walking down the high street :)
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