Commodore Format / Retro Gamer / Zzap bundle for sale!

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Commodore Format / Retro Gamer / Zzap bundle for sale!

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Hey there,

I've got the following Commodore Format and Retro Gamer magazines for sale. Also note below a few other '64 magazines.

All are in pretty good condition, with no pages missing. Bear in mind some of these magazines are 17 years old though! Some have the original covertapes with them. I'm not a dealer/running a business, just moving house and have a lot of duplicate retro stuff!

DM me if you are interested, with a sensible offer for the lot.


SPECIAL "FREE" EDITION OF COMMODORE FORMAT, given away inside Terminator 2 packs.

COMMODORE FORMAT 11 - Terminator 2 cover.

COMMODORE FORMAT 13 - Turbocharge cover.

COMMODORE FORMAT 14 - Turtles cover.

COMMODORE FORMAT 17 - First Samurai cover.

COMMODORE FORMAT 23 - Cool Croc Twins cover.

COMMODORE FORMAT 24 - Fuzzball cover.

COMMODORE FORMAT 25 x 2- Hook cover. With two tapes. I have another copy of this also, without tapes.

COMMODORE FORMAT 26 - SF2 cover. With tape. Unusually, this copy has two covers bound around it!

COMMODORE FORMAT 27 - Christmas edition. Dizzy cover. With two tapes.

COMMODORE FORMAT 28 - Nick Faldo's golf cover.


COMMODORE FORMAT 30 - Batman Returns cover.

COMMODORE FORMAT 39 - Lemmings cover.

COMMODORE FORMAT 42 - Heaven and Hell cover.


RETRO GAMER ANTHOLOGY VOLUME 2 (Skool Daze, Little Computer People)

RETRO GAMER 14 - Atari 7800 / Gordon Houghton feature.

RETRO GAMER 16 - NES cover.

RETRO GAMER 17 - Skool Dayz cover.

RETRO GAMER 19 - ZX Spectrum "Rubber Love" cover.

RETRO GAMER 20 - platform games cover.

RETRO GAMER 21 - R-Type cover.

RETRO GAMER 22 - Streetfighter cover.

RETRO GAMER 23 - SNES cover.

RETRO GAMER 24 - Gremlin Graphics cover.

RETRO GAMER 26 - Sonic cover.

RETRO GAMER 27 - Megadrive cover.

RETRO GAMER 28 - Starwing cover.

RETRO GAMER 25 - Forbidden Forest cover.


Last ever COMMODORE FORCE magazine, number 16. World Games cover.

ZZAP! 64 tribute magazine, as give away by Retro Gamer.

GAMES TM issue 38, with a Commodore 64 feature in the Retro section.
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