Birthdays Suck

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Birthdays Suck

Post by Newman »

I'm getting tired of this day called b-day. What is so special about it? Everyday is someone's birthday? Why can't I just be free like I deserve to be? I'm sick of those days, for which you schedule a task to buy presents. I don't like mine because I have to make a wish list? Why?
If I want something I can get it myself, and nobody else chooses that item for me.
When did I choose this custom, that leaves freedom in the school books?
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andy vaisey
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Post by andy vaisey »

I know (and agree with) what you mean.

My birthday is on Christmas day, so everyone is usually to preoccupied celebrating that.

It doesn't bother me though! I don't know any different. Special day? Not for me!

For what it's worth - happy birthday...
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Fiery Phoenix
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Post by Fiery Phoenix »

Was my 34th last Sat ( 14th )

Really dont see the point of celebrating after 21
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