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Author:  Sixteen Plus [ Thu Dec 20, 2007 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  C16 Supplement

umm firstly, Iain has kindly changed my pseudonym here, as i've been part of a team on the C16 site. you'll see who i am in my sig (for a while anyway) :lol:

ok. so what does anyone think of Gary Penns C16 Supplement from issue 28? When i owned a C16 before my C64, i had always vainly hoped Zzap would cover it, but alas it wasn't to happen and i missed this one special issue at the time. imho i always thought the machine was popular enough and deserved proper monthly reviews. Also the piccy shows only the Plus4, and not the C16 :roll:

some of the reviews i'd say are fair and spot on, and some i disagree with. i would've awarded Monty On The Run a sizzler for sure.

Mr Puniverse i would've marked up to about 92% as it's a fine budget release overall, i was on this game forever. It's known as Big-Mac 2, and has oddly never made it as a sequel to other platforms. there has since been a pretty good spoof version for the C64 called Big-Mad :lol:

umm what else? Voidrunner although the same playable game i would say is superior to the C64 version in terms of graphics. i would put it down as Minters finest game.

Kikstart is another great slightly under-rated game, ok a good review but feel it was deserving a slightly higher mark, about 90%. a near-totally different game to it's C64 counterpart although only 1-player, but this means a bigger play area. it has now been ported across to the C64 here...

ACE: i'm thinking that Gary only reviewed the lesser C16 version, i wasn't keen on it myself. but there was a seperate Plus4 version also which was just about identical to the C64 version.

games that should've been reviewed:
"Tom Thumb", one of the C16's finest games and again pushed the C16 to it's limits which i would've awarded a gold medal for, about 96%. how Udo Gertz managed to cram such a huge game inside shows it's similarity with the C64 in terms of programmers pushing the machine to it's ultimate limits surprising everyone. way wayyy better than the terrible C64 game, which i suppose why Udo just stuck with the C16 in the end.

Trailblazer: another sizzler. The C16 version was the first ever version as Shaun Southern at the time was more a dedicated C16 programmer, and it was then converted for the other platforms. no 2-player mode though but at least it was full screen.

any other thoughts on the reviews, the non-reviews, and the machine itself anyone? :D

Author:  andy vaisey [ Thu Dec 20, 2007 12:58 pm ]
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I always enjoyed the "alternative" stuff that ZZAP! did, whether it was the C16 supplement or the "Day at the Arcades" articles.

I thought that most of the C16 reviews were spot on, perhaps a sizzler or two as you mention.

Kikstart C16 ported to the C64 has been a favourite over on the Oldschool Gaming website. I actually prefer the game play to the "real" C64 version.

The machine itself? Well, it's part of the Commodore 8bit family so it's welcome in my book!

Author:  Sixteen Plus [ Thu Dec 20, 2007 2:08 pm ]
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andy vaisey wrote:
Kikstart C16 ported to the C64 has been a favourite over on the Oldschool Gaming website. I actually prefer the game play to the "real" C64 version.

it's strange (in a frivolous way) how some C16 games are considered better than the C64 version. as you said Kikstart, then there's Tom Thumb. i also think BMX Racers is much superior which is the version i always think of and another totally different version that deserves a port across to the C64 out of interest, plus there's Big Mac.

I also prefer Monty16 than Monty64, just for the sole fact i found it far easier to get into, just collect all those pennies with no frustratingly pointless puzzles.

but then there are also downright bad conversions for the C16. don't even consider playing Ghosts'n'Goblins. it's about 3 times worse than C64's Double Dragon as a conversion. Not only is the collision detection horrendous, but there's only the first 2 levels both multiload.

Yie-Ar Kung Fu as in the review was only a multiload because they obviously wanted both backdrops added, obvious memory lmitations prevented things. i think there should of been 2 versions on each side of the cassette each with one of the 2 backdrops so to fit the whole game in a single load so it can loop over like the original, instead of just "Well Done. Game Over. Now Please Rewind The Tape :P", shame as it was nearly a decent game.

Also there's Sabateur for the C16 with it's tiny titchy crummy playing area (not plus4 version), and the terrible Green Beret, each level is impossible, even with 255 lives you'd struggle, and what i've found with this game and one or two others is that once you complete the last level, it just says "Press Play On Tape", yet there is nothing left to load. glad that, Sabateur and G&G wasn't reviewed. but drat, i've just done it :lol:

Author:  andy vaisey [ Thu Dec 20, 2007 2:59 pm ]
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I've not tried some of those games you've mentioned, so I'll give them a whirl in my spare time over the next few days.

Author:  LeeT [ Thu Dec 20, 2007 3:18 pm ]
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I enjoyed that C16 supplement - probably one of my favourites of the 'one offs' that appeared in ZZAP!

Author:  Sixteen Plus [ Thu Dec 20, 2007 4:04 pm ]
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i agree. i found it more interesting than reading the Amiga reviews, but then i'm biased :lol:

why didn't the C16/+4 get a regular inclusion like the Amiga did, as it was a surprisingly popular machine in which CU thankfully capitalised on. was the possibility ever debated within zzap towers?

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