Games reviewed twice in Zzap!

Did you agree with them etc.
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Psst...don't say that too loud, somebody could hear you !! :P
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gordon wrote:
biggestjim wrote:But don't you remember the loadingsystem of Salamander? Everytime you die you had to reload the whole level, even if you died after a split second (like me, all the time) and even on a diskdrive it took aaaaages. Spoilt all the fun for me.
Yep -- it was a stinking loading system for a beautiful game (a pity, because apart from that it was one of the best horizontally-scrolling shoot 'em up conversions for the C64).

As for Nemesis... I never liked the original much (I much prefer Vulcan Venture, which is just weird), but the 64 was a decent attempt at converting it, IMO.

Funny, I never noticed the apparently awful loading system on Salamander (really enjoyed the game, despite the only 4 levels flaw): I must have been really stubborn at the time, the c2n trained my nerves for life :wink:

As for Nemesis, just a tad above average, imo. Delta is loads better. And Salamander even more.
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