ZZAP! at the PCW show

Tell us about what Zzap meant to you as a lad
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ZZAP! at the PCW show

Post by LeeT »

I went to the PCW show (1987 IIRC) and saw the ZZAP! stand. Right in front of me was Julian Rignall - Guess I must have been staring at him, as he started staring at me in return!

Of course I was too over-awed to approach him and I just walked off - Pity!

Did anyone else meet the ZZAP! team?
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Post by Mayhem »

Shows between late 85 and late 88... Gordo was at the last one and they had Armalyte running to play...
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Post by smila »

i used to work in a computer shop from about 1986- 1991.
( next door the smiths where PG worked ).

anyway , we met the zzap team one year , most of them where a good laff but rignall was a bit of a git .
shame really as him and penn where kinda hero's of myn.
penn was mental tho - good lad he was.
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Post by CraigGrannell »

I never saw the Zzap!64 lot at the one show that I went to, but I met the Rowland Bros, who were adept salesmen! I ended up walking away with Retrograde and The Hits, but they did show me how to beat the big green git in the Creatures demo...
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