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Tell us about what Zzap meant to you as a lad
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Post by smila »

i was 13 years old ( was i ever that young ) and my dad was thinking of getting a computer , he bought about 5 magazined ,crash was one of them and the other was zzap64 issue 1 .

i carried on getting them from that day .
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Post by seanbags »

i agree, zap was the best.. my first was the issue with turrican 2 on the front....i was and still am blown away by Zzap :P

No Aussie mag came close to Zzap! and in a way I'm glad.[/quote]
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Post by ThrustLevel10 »

To me Zzap!64 was a vital part of the c64 experience, without it, it just wouldn't have been half the same!
Completely agree with this! Started buying zzap! around issue 8-9, kept going until 100ish I think.

Kept them for a loooong time. I remember many years after zzap was about spending a whole day reading through a load of them. Remember seeing J R on the TV a few times and thinking "thats the man from zzap whom was my god!" (and also wondering why his hair had not evolved).

Zzap! 64 was eagerly waited on. My first look would always be to the tips section, see if any games in my collection could be monkeyed about with (I never used the paperclip, but used the circular gismo hanging off the dataset (think it was an earth strap)..

.aah the memories..

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Post by SLF »

ThrustLevel10 wrote:My first look would always be to the tips section.
aah the memories..

Hey that's an idea for a new topic.
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Post by salem »

This is also my first post here, so strangely appropriate:

My first issue was number 1 back in 1985. One of my friends bought it for me when I was ill and I didn't know what to make of it at first ("What? No listings?") but I was soon hooked and subscribed to it from issue 2. I got 2 free US Gold games with the subscription (eventually - they took ages to come!) which were Raid Over Moscow and Stellar 7. After 2 years I couldn't afford the subscription any more so I only bought it occasionally or just read it at my mate's house.

Maybe I'm biased, but I think the first two years were the best. I seem to remember that some time after my subscription ran out Oli stopped doing the cover art, which just ruined the whole thing for me!

Most of the issues in my collection disintegrated through over use and I threw them out years ago, so it was really exciting when I discovered the emulation scene a couple of years ago. Paradroid is still my all time favourite game, although more recently I've turned to the dark side of PC gaming - only Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds has held my attention so far. I have to admit that both RTS and Star Wars tie in games are vastly superior on the PC and this is the perfect combination of both. It's only the online multiplayer option that makes it worth playing though, without that I'd have got very bored with it.

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Another one

Post by hal9001 »

I had a spectrum first and bought Crash. When I upgraded to a C64, I was waiting in baited breath for the equivalent of Crash to arrive. When it did I was very pleased indeed.

I bought ever mag up until Christmas 1987. When it started to include Amiga stuff, I thought it lost it's way a liitle. Even though I had an Amiga too.

Oh yes, I was 24 when I first bought Zzap. (Sad innit?)
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Paul Chapman
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Post by Paul Chapman »

My first was issue 67 which had the Golden Axe cover.

I got into ZZap and the C64 quite late actually as it was my brother Jonathan who got me started with Zzap. He started getting it from about the time we both got our first C64 back in late 1989 and was always raving about how good it was.

I bought Zzap occasionally between 67 & 76 then got seriously interested after getting my 1st job back in 1992 so bought it from issue 85 right through the C-Force era and the abrupt end.

Since starting my collection late, I'm now regularly on eBay buying all the old issues so I am getting there for a complete collection (albeit in a back-to-front stylee) :)

Ooo eck!
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Post by corbal »

for me it issue 4 ,got in the whsmiths on kingsway ,london
I don't think anything else (computer magwise ) has ever left me so gobsmacked.....What i find slightly strange , is we may come back to old games and say 'well that hasn't stood the test of time' , but a mag about games has , and i regularly read it on the toilet....oh i've said too much.
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Post by Lloyd Mangram »

...and i regularly read it on the toilet....oh i've said too much...
Ah, I have to admit that I still read Zzap on the toilet as well, I regularly grab an issue (preferably between 10-22) and have a great time. :D

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Post by jerellis1 »

My first post here too (hello all)!

First issue for me was #7 (November '85) with Paradroid on the cover. I didn't have a C64 at the time, but I soon rectified that situation after reading the reviews of Little Computer People and Summer Games II.

I also ended up buying back issues #4, #5 and #6, and I then didn't miss an issue until around #35 when for some strange reason I stopped reading Zzap and foolishly gave up on my C64 (and gaming in general until the SNES arrived).

Recently bought up an entire mint Zzap collection from #1 to #72 complete with binders, now I can rest easy. :)
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Post by sdoneill »

:D Issue 45 in 1988.

I had brought my first C&VG. I went to buy the next one a week later (I didn't realise it was monthly. I spotted Zzap in WH Smith with the covertape of a demo of Robocop and Parallax. Fell in love instantly.
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Post by brian_dead »

sdoneill wrote::D Issue 45 in 1988.

I spotted Zzap in WH Smith with the covertape of a demo of Robocop and Parallax. Fell in love instantly.
that was my first issue, before i read zzap i didnt know you could get full price games and soon afterwards i bought operation wolf, i was blown away.
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Post by dust »

hi all

my first issue was #1. i had no idea of its existence - it was my nan (who passed on six months ago, god rest her dear soul) who bought it for me as an impulse purchase. to say I was hooked is an understatement. I read it (and every subsequent issue) from cover to cover about 50 times. God, I miss having all that spare time!! ;) I also remember having to wait literally months and months to get hold of Elite for my birthday - a wait that nearly killed me! ;)

I'm having a massive sort out of all my magazine archives at the moment and had a bit of a crisis earlier... Back in the 90s I put a strip of sellotape along the spine of a lot of issues of Zzap! as they were getting a bit battered. I really, really wish I hadn't done that as today, I found a lot of them had become welded together as a result. I had to literally rip them all apart, thus damaging the back AND front... I've had to add a fresh layer of tape to cover the sticky gungy mess on all the covers - no doubt in another 20 years I'll have to do it again. ah well.

nice to meet you all :)

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Post by LeeT »

Your nan obviously had great taste in C64 mags, Daz! Sorry to hear about her passing away - My Gran used to spend many an hour watching me play C64 games ('Rolands Rat Race' being one I remember), and she died about eighteen months ago at the grand old age of 93.

You do realise that you can get the mags scanned on CD/DVD, thans to the great work of fellow forumite Mort, don't you? Checkout the Zzuperstore link from the main page of the site.


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Post by Mort »

My Gran who also has sadly passed away 5 years ago after being 89 for a lot of years :wink: used to love watching and participating in Summer Games II tournaments. I am sure that helped her keep fit and healthy :)
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