What was the first Zzap! section to look at in a new issue?

Tell us about what Zzap meant to you as a lad
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Post by Ant »

gordon wrote:Most of them regard me as a fat old git with too much time on his hands. ;)


No! Who'd dare call you "old", Gordo!?

"Isn't this where ... we came in?"
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Ant wrote:
gordon wrote:Most of them regard me as a fat old git with too much time on his hands. ;)


No! Who'd dare call you "old", Gordo!?

You know, you've just picked on one of my favourite joke formats. i.e.:

"I'm a stupid fat smarmy bastard with no life and no friends."
"You're not stupid!"

Makes me laugh every time.

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Post by NOVALOAD »

I always remember moving swiftly through the game reviews in Zzap to see if anything caught my attention, then staight on to Paul Glanceys "PG`s Tips" page. Poke mad I was.

Still am !

Ahemmm. :oops:
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Post by seanbags »

My first thought when finding the latest issue in the newsagent in our little community was>>>" I wish I had the guts to steal this coz I wont have enough dosh till next week. My face would be pressed up against the schoolbus window trying to see into that dark and damp old store.>>"just one more glimps of the cover before battling my way to my seat..
Doesnt anybody reallize the best mag in the whole world sitting there? Who cares about homework.. Ive got hours of fresh tapeplayer ajusting and real gaming coming up..So what about your amiga 500 you rich scum!!..."
Then apon finally scrounging enough dough ( usually by selling field mushrooms or passionfruits to the tourists ) I would begin the process described by ANT :!:
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Post by brian_dead »

I always read the rrap first. one time i had a letter published, i dont remember what it was about but i will never forget Lloyds reply
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I looked at the gold medal and sizzlers first... to see what i would be spending my pocket money on ;-) Then I would check the tips section... allways on the look out for good pokes there were some really tough games on the C64.
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