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Retro Revival
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Author:  Iain [ Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Retro Revival

Got my 1541 Ultimate last week and have set up my beloved C128 again (hogging all the coffee table).

It's an amazing device and makes loading and playing the games on a real C64 so easy and there is something special about playing them on a real C64 with a decent joystick (my Comp Pro Extra with an Extra Glow base).

So I have been playing recently:

Wizball (damn there went another hour or two..)
Super Pipeline 2 (classic 8 bit fun - just one more go)
Turbo Outrun (oh dear, I used not notice the 2 frame a second updates!)

And a few demos of the Binary Zone demo CDs. Still amazed by the effects. The wife just couldn't see why I was getting excited by vertical raster bars at all... :-D

My new 4GB SD card arrived in the post today so I'll be able to get all of Gamebase64 into the 1541 Ultimate. Complete retro heaven!

Think I might be going through an early mid life crises since I've recently bought my old iron Maiden albums on CD etc. :-D

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