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Hi Guys - Its been ages! Whats your scan schedule Mort?
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Author:  julesg [ Tue Feb 17, 2004 4:11 am ]
Post subject:  Hi Guys - Its been ages! Whats your scan schedule Mort?


I have read the last few posts, and it seems you are back in the scanning business again. Just wondering when you think CU might get under way, its really the only Commodore mag left to do.

Correct me if I am wrong but I get the impression that you (Mort) are starting "The Game Machine", then "Amstrax" or whatever it is then going to CU, What is the issue count on GM and Amstrax?

Glad your all in fine form, hope the "goldern scanning arm" is holding out well!

BTW did the guy doing Commodore Formats just give up? He was doing so well.

Good luck


Author:  LeeT [ Tue Feb 17, 2004 3:19 pm ]
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PJ Holl (the webmaster of the Commodore Format site) seems to have given up on the site as its been over a year since the last update. He did the leave the site a couple of years ago for quite a while then returned, so there is some hope that it might be updated. Someone mentioned that he is bidding for items on eBay, so maybe he has just got fed up of the site?

The Amstrad magazine is called 'Amtix!' and there was 18 issues...

Author:  Matt [ Tue Feb 17, 2004 5:15 pm ]
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you better go and download all the CF issues before it's too late!

Author:  Mort [ Sat Feb 21, 2004 12:24 pm ]
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Current state of play is that I am working through Sinclair User at the moment, so is anybody can help with old issues that would be great for the World of Spectrum site, below is a list of whats needed. Done 18 issues of the Games Machine and am waiting for Mayhem to extricate some issues from their binders :wink:

Su`s to find are below, will swap with other issues if people want or buy outright or borrow :-)

Su annual 1984 (the one with the ql,speccy etc on the front)

Su 5 (spectrum supplement)
su 14
su 23
su 28
su 29 pages 67.68
su 30 middle pages of software supplement
su 58 pages65-68
su 59
su 60 pages 57-60
su 61 pages 99-100
su 62 pages 57-60
su 67-70
su 73 pages 115-116
su 74-77
su 79 pages1-2 107-108
su 80 pages 7-8 115-116
su 84
su 90 pages 49-53
su 91 pages 7-8
su 94 front and back cover pages 57-60
su 97
su 98 pages 7-8
su 99 pages 5-6
su 100
su 102 pages 29,30,55,56
su 103
su 107
su 110-113
su 116
su 118 pages 9,10
su 119-122
su 132-133
Su annual 1984 (the one with the ql,speccy etc on the front)

My local pal Steve Taylor has bought a lot of early issues of Cu so I can get those scanned in the future, He has most issues up until early 88 so any issues later than that will be appreciated. And finally Amtix is done as is available on the site or direct from me if you mail me. Waiting for Cpc oxygen to host some of the scans!!

Thanks Mort

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