New mags redone/ Inlays etc in 600dpi

Commodore Format, Your Commodore, Commodore User etc.
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New mags redone/ Inlays etc in 600dpi

Post by Mort »

Commodore Format is now rescanned in 600dpi, just got to do another 7 issues to finish 1-55 are done (thanks for selling them to me Mayhem), Some issues of Big K , Personal Computer Games , Computer Gamer ,Ace, .

Complete sets currently up on internet archive under zzapmort

Your Spectrum,
Your Sinclair,
Amstrad Action,
Sinclair User ( well apart from 2 damaged issues)
The Games Machine
St Amiga Format 1-13

Next on the scanning production line will be Commodore User (thanks again Mayhem)
Inlays done are the Gamebox64 set (around 500 games ) complete game scans at 300dpi

Spectrum Inlays (under letters a-z) at 600dpi with around 4800 Games fully scanned!

All the best

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Re: New mags redone/ Inlays etc in 600dpi

Post by Lloyd Mangram »

Wow, Mort, you scan king, you!
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