Simon Forrester in pre-final CF issue

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Speaking of mags from that era that weren't allowed farewells, the classic has to be poor Amstrad Action whose last issue reviewed DTP with the proud headline


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fgasking wrote:Sorry to dig up an old thread, but did Simon get back to you Andy? :)

I hated the last issue... considering that YC had a special fairwell issue with extra pages, CF could have done something. There were numerous ideas to drop the tape, make all the pages b/w and increase back up to around 60 or so pages to keep it all going... but I guess they'd never have done that :)
Hmmm... Forget retro mags, I love these retro forum posts!

Did Simon ever get in contact about the final issues of Commodore Format? It would be interesting to read about the decisions that were made during the final year of the mag.

I've been trying to track down the last few issues of Commodore Format to complete my collection, but fate always seems to intervene at the last minute. I was planning to bid on an ebay set last month, but had a power cut an hour before the end of the auction. Hopefully I'll get them one day.

BTW, I'm not a new user, despite the low post count. I've just re-registered after forgetting my original username and password.
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knightbeat casts thread resurrection...

Sorry to say, I never got to hear Simon's side of the story....
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I hate Simon Forrester.
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