Identify this magazine for me!

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Techno Teaboy
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Identify this magazine for me!

Post by Sonance »

Okay, here's something that's bugging me.

Back in the mid-1990s, a new PC gaming magazine was launched in the UK. I can't remember the name of the publisher. It was printed on good quality stock paper, similar to Edge. The quality of the writing was above average. I can remember TIE Fighter and Sam & Max being featured on the cover of a couple of issues. It only lasted for about 12-13 issues (perhaps a bit more or less) and then disappeared.

Any ideas?
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Post by Mort »

I think it may have been Pc attack or Pc games, these featured artwork from Simon Bisley of 2000ad fame?

Cheers Stephen
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Post by gizmomelb »

if it was PC ATTACK, I've possibly got all issues. That was pretty much the only PC games magazine I've ever liked.
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Ian Osborne
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Post by Ian Osborne »

Rapide's Total PC lasted about that long, but I doubt you could call the writing 'above average'.
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Post by Dudley »

It sounds like attack to me but I have no proof.
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