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C64 on GP32
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Author:  LeeT [ Tue Sep 30, 2003 5:47 pm ]
Post subject:  C64 on GP32

Just got a GP32 this morning!

After playing around with some NES games (supplied by the seller) I downloaded FRODO and transferred it across along with a few games.

Willow Pattern (my fave game) works fine, though the other two I tried didnt - Trashman and Wonderboy require you to press 1 or 2/ F1 or F3 and the keys don't appear to be assigned to the buttons, though I am gonna play around with the settings.

Anyway I advise any C64 fan to get a GP32 and play handheld style!

Author:  seanbags [ Sat Oct 04, 2003 6:30 am ]
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is that a palm?
what brand?
who made it?

more info please?

also that website link requires a download to view it!

Author:  LeeT [ Sat Oct 04, 2003 10:46 am ]
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That link works ok on my PC - Nevermind here's another link with all the tech specifications.... ... t_features

Author:  seanbags [ Sat Oct 04, 2003 12:32 pm ]
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The above link was provided by the all powerfull GAMESPY

The GP32 looks remarkably like most handheld game playing devices
(similar to the old Game & Watch handhelds only bigger)

Basic attributes as follows:

>>CPU 32 Bit RISC CPU (ARM9)

Display: TFT 3.5" Reflective TFT LCD(65,536 colors)

ROM 512 Kbytes

Storage SMC(Smart Media Card)


PC Connection Cable USB Port connection cable

Sound 16Bit PCM Stereo Sound, MIDI support (over 32 poly), 4 Channel WAV Mixing


Definition 320 X 240 Pixels

Power 2 AA Batteries (12 Hours use time between charges)

MP3 MPEG(I,II) Audio Support

Controls 8-Way directional pad (joystick) + Durable 6 key buttons

Wireless multi-player gaming

Internet Connectivity

Online multiplayer game can be played by high-speed Internet connection

VERY IMPRESSIVE. Looks to me like this device was made with rough and tumble game playing in mind.

I am keen to here from LeeT about more of his exploits using this SEXY little unit. Especially when using keyboard intensive C64 Games..

The reason I like the sound of using a handheld PC foe C64 emulation is because of the sheer VARIETY and Personal Choice of game playing

Author:  seanbags [ Tue Oct 21, 2003 2:36 am ]
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howzat GP32 goin ? :?: ?

played mopper on a demo disk the other day. perhaps you could give that one a go> :wink:

Author:  English_Bloke [ Fri Mar 19, 2004 1:53 pm ]
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A word of advise...

There's 4 different loading options...make sure you try all before thinking it's not working.

Also some games take a couple of mins to start. To help me I've made 4 folders, one for each type of loading selection :)

Option are:

.d64/.t46 with 1541 emulation on
.d64/.t46 with 1541 emulation off
.prg with 1541 emulation on
.prg with 1541 emulation off

Please feel free to add to this, but I've found that some I thought wouldn't work - did...also some .d64 & .t64 files work with the .prg option!

Author:  LeeT [ Fri Mar 19, 2004 3:03 pm ]
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The major thing I have found is that there are two different emulator files, one with a FXE extension - This is the more reliable of the two and loads a lot more of the games.

Author:  English_Bloke [ Sat Mar 20, 2004 1:38 pm ]
Post subject: 

I'm confused mate - when I boot up I only get one frodo avail to load??

Author:  LeeT [ Sat Mar 20, 2004 2:32 pm ]
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You need to go back to the site where you got the Frodo emulator - There should be two seperate files or versions - You need to download the .FXE one which is the better one.

I only found out about this after a while of trying to get the .d64 images running! :)

Author:  IzZle [ Sun May 08, 2005 11:05 pm ]
Post subject: 

Had mine a week now. Well chuffed with this bit of kit. Probably the best hardware I have ever bought. Can't seem to get creatures or nightshift to work with frodo though :(

Author:  LeeT [ Mon May 09, 2005 11:00 am ]
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IzZle wrote:
Had mine a week now. Well chuffed with this bit of kit. Probably the best hardware I have ever bought. Can't seem to get creatures or nightshift to work with frodo though :(

I think that no versions of these games currently work on Frodo. :(

Author:  Bazza [ Sun Dec 04, 2005 2:03 am ]
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I've been playing PSPVice (Vice) on my PSP.

There's also a version of Frodo for the PSP (C64PSP), but Vice derivatives play more games. PSPVice plays some games a little too fast at the moment, but its still in development.

There's some nice Sega Genesis and SNES emulators too for the PSP as well as NEOGEOCD (Love metal slug on the PSP).

Have also played Scummvm Adventures. Gotta love emulation on handhelds.

Author:  LeeT [ Sun Dec 04, 2005 11:37 pm ]
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I've just got a PSP for my birthday (34 last Wednesday, fact fans!). It was with 1.52 firmware and I upgraded it to 2.0 to play 'Liberty City Stories', which is excellent, by the way. I wouldn't mind installing the various emulators, but (at the moment) I can't be arsed to constantly downgrade and upgrade.

Author:  Bazza [ Mon Dec 05, 2005 7:14 am ]
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I wouldn't be arsed either. I got mine a while ago for father's day. Its main use is for reading my ebooks (via bookr homebrew software). Mine came with 1.52 as well, so I upgraded and downgraded to 1.5. I couldnt be bothered with stuff like GTA on the PSP... too damned small for that sort of game for me. I prefer the old school games for the handheld.. like sonic & knuckles... Super Mario World.. Impossible mission... pacman.. galaga.. etc etc etc

I do have a few new PSP games like Mercury, Lumines, Everybody's golf and Medievil. GTA on the PSP just isnt my thing.

Author:  Iain [ Mon Dec 05, 2005 4:02 pm ]
Post subject: 

So it's easy enough to downgrade the BIOS no matter what version you get when you buy the PSP?

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