Frodo for PC and/or PPC and PSI-5

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Frodo for PC and/or PPC and PSI-5

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I've recently acquired a Pocket PC (Dell Axim 51v) and, naturally, the first thing I did was install a C64 emulator on it. I threw on PocketHobbit (aka Frodo for the PPC) and tried to fire up one of my favourite games, PSI-5 Trading Company.

After a little jiggery-pokery I managed to select my crew. All was looking well but, after inserting the second disk and hitting the final Select Crew button, I was greeted with an Illegal opcode error after a few seconds.

I tried Frodo on the PC and got the exact some problem (no real surprises there). I then tried FrodoPC and FrodoSC ... same problem. I then changed options at random while uttering non-euclidean phrases, but all for naught.

So, has anyone managed to get PSI-5 running on either Frodo for the PC or PocketHobbit for the PPC?
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