Another happy customer here Mort!

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Auntie Slag
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Another happy customer here Mort!

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Hi Mort, just wanted to express my admiration for your stirling Zzap scans DVD which I got through the post about a day or two after I ordered it. It's quite amazing stuff, the instant and endless nostalgia. I always wanted to read issue 1 of Zzap and I'm very slowly getting through it. Games like Elite and Pastfinder; the way they're written about in the mag sound so much more interesting than a lot of the games of today.

Also to Soniq-man who mentioned about the slight trouble of reading the scans on a Mac, I use a browser like Firefox (but especially an old version of Internet Explorer, which renders them quickly and at a nice big size).

To think I first inquired about getting these scans four or five years ago and never did anything about it. I finally signed up for Paypal this year and it makes things so easy by comparison.

So yep, top scan stuff, really appreciate all the time and effort you put into preserving these memories for everyone.8)

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Thanks Matt,
Glad you are enjoying the scans, can`t believe it was late 2001 when I started scanning!

Many thanks and glad you enjoyed being able to read the hallowed issue 1 after all these years.

Thanks again

Mort :D
Where`s my screwdriver, need to replace another 6581 Sniff
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