Film on ZZap! 64 'The Newsfield Years' now free!

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Film on ZZap! 64 'The Newsfield Years' now free!

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I would just like to say thank you to the huge support and positive feedback we had from buyers of our film ‘Classic Games Crusader – The Newsfield Years’. We always made it clear that the first film would help us finance many new ones and we have reached the point now that enough has been made to re-invest in the upcoming productions and we have decided to now make this film free.

To those of you who haven’t seen the full length ‘The Newsfield Years’ then this film gives a remarkable insight into UK video games journalism within the 1980’s and features in-depth interviews with Roger Kean, Oliver Frey, Franco Frey and Matthew Uffindell.

This film and the others I have made can be viewed at

Currently all the Classic Games Crusader films are free and the next batch coming out very soon will also be completely free.

So thank you all once again for the fantastic support and we really hope you continue to enjoy the films.

Until next time,

Classic :D
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just seen the vid 1st class well done
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Great stuff :)
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Thanks for this; I'll take a look later...
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