Unblocked Mobile Phone

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Unblocked Mobile Phone

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Hi, just wondered if tou guys could help me with a question. None of my mates know and I can`t find an answer on the net.

It`s that time again.......the time to update your mobile phone. I`ve decided to go pay as you go. I`ve choosen the phone ( Motorola V525 ) but it is only available on Vodaphone.

No problems......you can just get it unblocked at all good market stalls. I was then going to get a O2 pay as you go sim card as they are doing a cracking online offer at the mo, but.......I have ONE query........

As it`s still a Vodafone handset and will still have the vodafone live option on it - if I connect to this will I get charged or will it be included in my free WAP/GPRS time with O2???

I think the O2 option is best - you must £10 a month credit on the phone and you get 300 texts and 300 minutes WAP?GPRS time a month - and of course you have your call time from your £10. I could not find a cheaper option. I`m not arsed much about talktime, but I do send a lot of texts - but most of the contracted tarriff`s only offer free talktime and a miniscule number of free texts per month.

If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated....or even if it`s to say DON`T GET THAT PHONE!!!! Your views / help would be welcome.

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