The extended DEF Tribute to Zzap!64

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Post by Mort »

Any chance of releasing the Extending Def guide stuff as pdf`s or a small print run which should have been in the fabled issue 19 :wink:

I commiserate with you, I upgraded my sub in July, 18 issues down, ho hum thats life, better get scanning the mags to make some money back :twisted:
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Live Publishing

Post by andyplc »

Quite why my original post was deleted from the board I'd love to know, but seeing as it's linked to this thread I thought the following link would be of interest to anyone who is owed money by the above;

That's all. It's not a lie or misinformation and the original news was broken to me by Frank Gasking who is also owed money by Live Publishing.

Commiserations to subscribers, freelancers etc who have lost out.
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Re: Live Publishing

Post by Lloyd Mangram »

andyplc wrote:Quite why my original post was deleted from the board I'd love to know...
Sorry Andy, I removed it because there was already a thread about the subject here.

I also copied your original post there.
Ta! :)
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