Interview with Steve Jarratt

Talk about the staff who used to work on the mag
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Interview with Steve Jarratt

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Look here!
Steve Jarratt: Okay, briefly: trained as an industrial chemist, earned my degree and was then made redundant. Took job as staff writer on Zzap!64. Edited Crash for a few issues. Offered a job on join ACE magazine at Future, and been here ever since. Launched S: The Sega Mag, Total! (Europe’s first independent Nintendo mag), Commodore Format, Edge, The Official PlayStation Magazine, T3: Tomorrow’s Technology Today, and then a bunch of smaller mags and one-shots. My current position is Group Senior Editor with a watching brief over 22 titles, including our car portfolio, the London-based games mags and some music titles.
Whoa, not bad for an ex-Zzapper, eh? My favourite reviewer.

and for Super Play fans, here's an interview with Artist Wil Overton as well. (for dummies: Wil was the Oliver Frey of Super Play)

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It'd be interesting to know how much influence Steve had over the new Future-created Official Nintendo Magazine, because it's surprisingly good (if, as with all mags these days, somewhat gentle on scoring—as usual, you need to knock 20 per cent off of all the scores).

By the way, Steve's early partner-in-crime Andy Dyer is still about—for one, he writes the games section for MacFormat.
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