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Issue 1 - May 1985

Issue 1 - May 1985 Cover

The beginning of an era! The first issue of Zzap!64 arrives, two of the editorial staff came straight from Personal Computer Games (PCG).

The Big Crowther interview
Does he really hate Jeff Minter? Can he really stay with his third company in 12 months? Is his favourite food really pot noodles? All you ever wanted to know about the graphics king.
      Anyone like the 64?
You bet. Key industry figures Tomkins, Chaney, Stewart, Crowther and Walker give their verdicts.
        The new Miner 2049'er
The all-time classic platform game returns with a vengeance in Bounty Bob Strikes Back from US Gold. It's a sizzler. So are two other new US Gold titles: Spy Hunter and Super Huey.
The great Karnath solution
A superb guide from the first people to solve the game. Plus great playing tips on Ghostbusters, Impossible Mission and stacks of other 64 games.
  Elite is here
Hailed as perhaps the greatest ever computer game when it appeared on the Beeb last autumn, the great 3D space game now hits the 64. Our three-page review is the only one you'll see this month.
      Minter the hairy
Amazing words penned by the greatest animal lover of them all. Followed by a chance for five people to win the entire range of 12 Llamasoft games for the 64!
Musical magic
Our assesement of the programs which turn your 64 into a music maker.
  Prizes galore!
50 copies of Activision's terrific Pastfinder to be won. Also a signed Paul McCartney album and 200 copies of the latest Melbourne House games.
The 64 all-time greats
We name (and describe) the 64 greatest games on the world's greatest machine. In order. Also the ten tackiest top-sellers. Prepare to argue.
    Lords of Midnight 64
The original massive epic arrives on the 64. We review it, and map it. Another great conversion for adventures is Tir Na Nog.
  White Wizard lives on
The greatest adventure writer of them all casts his spell on Zzap with reviews, news, help and his personal top ten.

ED (Reviewing & rating system)
The boss has his say

And you have yours

News and gossip from the Banger

The pages of the White Wizard

Highscores from the ScoreLord

TOP 64
Greatest chart in the land


The hairiest, most awesome column

The goodies still in store

  Win a disk drive!
We actually have THREE Commodore 1541s to give away. They'll go to

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