Unforgettable figures

Before the Force

From Issue 42 onwards, ZZAP!, after much debate and continued pleas from readers, decided to cover Amiga games as well the standard C64 stuff. At the time, this seemed like a sensible idea - the Amiga was only just coming into the limelight, and looked to be the natural upgrade from the ‘64. There was an obvious change in the title to ZZAP! 64/AMIGA, and this ran for over twenty issues.

Eventually, the name reverted back to ZZAP!64 with the sub-heading C64/Console/Amiga (the console mentioned was the Commodore GS which soon bombed due to poor software support). Amiga coverage eventually took a back seat in Issue 74 so that ZZAP! 64 was, again, 100% C64 dedicated. Of course, our sister mag wasn’t even a gleam in our publisher’s eye back then, but at that point, ZZAP! was back on track with the ‘64.

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