ZZAP! 64 and COMMODORE FORCE have had hundreds of people working on them in one form or other during the years. Although wed like to list everybody whos ever worked on the mag, the credentials would just go on and on. Of course, all departments whether reprographics or advertising, are important, but in the end, you - the reader -only get to look at and read the mag. So, being on the editorial team ourselves, weve decided to list all the people who have either written or designed ZZAP! 64/COMMODORE FORCE since the beginning. For our job security, the daunting big bosses are included too.

(n.b. I haven't checked how accurate this list is, but if it was compiled any way like the Gold Medal list, take it with a pinch of salt! I.B.)

Wayne Allen (Illustrator, Assistant Art Ed, Senior Designer)
Chris Anderson (Editor)
John Bates (Contributor)
Andrew Braybrook (Contributor)
Ciaran Brennan (Sub Editor, Contributor, Editor)
Mark Caswell (Contributor, Staff Writer)
Paul Chubb (Art Assistant)
Ian Craig (Illustrator)
Sebastian Clare (Assistant Designer)
Steve Cooke (Contributor)
Tin Croton (Art Assistant)
Mel Croucher (Contributor)
Gordon Druce (Assistant Art Director)
Remi Ebus (Contributor)
Richard Eddy (Staff Writer)
Maff Evans (Staff Writer)
Will Evans (Staff Writer)
Melvyn Fisher (Assistant Designer)
Oliver Frey (Cover Artist, Illustrator, Art Editor, Editorial Director, Publisher)
Franco Frey (Publisher)
Daniel Gilbert (Staff Writer)
Alan Green (Staff Writer)
Geoff Grimes (Publisher)
Miles Outtery (Staff Writer)
Kati Hamza (Deputy Editor)
Jon Hare (Contributor)
Chris Hayward (Staff Writer, Production Editor)
Lucy Hickman (Managing Editor)
Robin Hogg (Staff Writer)
Gordon Houghton (Staff Writer, Deputy Editor, Editor)
Chris Hutchinson (Contributor)
Paul Glancey (Staff Writer, Assistant Editor)
Philipa Irving (Contributor)
Steve Jarret (Staff Writer, Assistant Editor)
Brendon Kavanah (Contributor)
Roger Keen (Editor, Editorial Director, Publishing Director)
Mark Kendrick (Illustrator, Art Director, Designer, Senior Designer)
Graeme Kidd (Publishing Executive, Contributor)
Phil King (Sub Editor, Deputy Editor, Editor)
Warren Lapworth (Contributor, Staff Writer)
Gary Liddon (Staff Writer)
Tony Lorton (Assistant Designer)
Ambrose McNevin (Contributor)
Eddie McKendrick (Marketing Manager, Publisher)
Lloyd Mangram (Staff Writer)
Sean Masterson (Staff Writer, Sub Editor)
Paid Mellerick (Staff Writer)
John Minson (Contributor)
Jeff Minter (Contributor)
Claire Modey (Staff Writer, Designer)
Sally Newman (Contributor)
Ian Osborne (Staff Writer, Features Editor)
Adrian Pitt (Staff Writer)
Gary Penn (Staff Writer, Deputy Editor, Editor)
James Price (Staff Writer, Deputy Editor, Acting Editor, Editor)
Yvonne Priest (Assistant Designer)
Paul Rand (Staff Writer)
Julian Rignall (Staff Writer, Deputy Editor, Editor)
Carl Rowley (Staff Writer)
Steve Shields (Editor, Managing Editor)
Richard Shiner (Art Director)
Jeremy Spencer (Contributor)
Paul Sumner (Staff Writer)
Massimo Valducci (Sub Ed)
Bob Wade (Staff Writer)
Martin Walker (Contributor)
Stuart Wynne (Editor)

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