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Issue 40 - August 1988

Issue 40 - August 1988 Cover

Julian Rignal alias Jaz is not part of the Zzap! team anymore. Gordon Houghton becomes the new editor (see editorial).- A new regular called "The Word" appears. Lots of news about the software industry.- Reviews of Barbarian 2 (overall 96%), Hawkeye (96%), filled vector graphics Dark Side (90%)- The first Zzap! 64 Def Guide. This puzzle games guide features Zenji, Tetris, Soko-Ban and many others.- 2 pages article about Compunet, with more than 6000 subscribers connecting via their modems- Bruce Lee is re-released at 1.99 pounds and gets an overall of 92%, despite its 54% for graphics and 49% for sound.



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